Presentation Tips

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Remember first impressions are lasting. Your property will be sold faster if you keep the following in mind:


Should be bright and cheery with windows/walls cleaned and gardens trimmed. Generally keep the yard/paths/courtyard neat and tidy and be sure to remove unnecessary items from balconies etc.


Spotless and uncluttered kitchens and bathrooms are the most important as they are foremost in the potential buyers minds when they are inspecting your property. In general the property should appear bright, spacious and livable and not dark or cluttered.

Fix Faults

Repair defects that can annoy buyers such as dripping taps, sticking door and have garage clean and neat.


While they are very much a part of any family, when it is time to have your home open have your dog go for a walk or stay with a friend until the home open is completed. Some buyers are afraid of dogs.

Background Sound

Turn off radios and televisions during your home opens. They can be distracting to buyers.


Let plenty of light into your rooms. Nothing adds a cheerful atmosphere more effectively than light. Open drapes and turn on lights so a room is not dark.

Freshness and Warmth

A moderate amount of heat adds a feeling of cosiness in the colder months and fresh air is equally desirable in the warmer months. Put some fresh flowers around the house, fresh fruit in the fruit bowl and have fresh towels, soaps on display.

Leave the House

Leave the showing of the property to the trained professional sales executive and do something else during the home open. Sometimes emotions can surface and you don’t want potential purchasers being deterred.

Rental Properties

You might like to consider providing incentives for tenants to present the property nicely for viewings, such as a slight reduction in rent over the time of sale. Have a professional cleaner come through every Friday prior to home opens.

Vacant Properties

We recommend the property is professionally cleaned prior to marketing. Owners may also like to consider hiring display furniture for the marketing campaign as this makes a vast difference to how prospective buyers perceive the ‘liveability ‘of the property.

There is no doubt that buyers will pay more for a property that is presented at its best. The rewards far outweigh the efforts required.